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Cannabis Hardware Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials - UK

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Flowerpot Pro 3.2

We are very excited to be able to offer the ultimate in luxury desktop vaping; the Flowerpot Pro 3.2 by Cannabis Hardware! The Pro model builds on Cannabis Hardware's existing range, but is designed to be an all in one unit with safety in mind. Featuring a fixed and enclosed head to protect you from the hot parts and no wires in your vaping area.

The Flowerpot Pro has a unique bowl for your herb that loads like a, espresso machine. Simply fill with as much herb as you fancy, slot into the Pro and draw away. 

The Pro model isn't the heaviest hitting of Cannabis Hardware's ball vape line up. If you are after massive, lung busting hits and uncompromising performance, something like the B2 is likely what you are looking for. However if you are after something safer, more refined whilst still being a heavy hitter, the Pro model is for you. 

With the enclosed head, this unit can be left turned on 24/7 at your vaping station ready to be hit. As with all Flowerpot's, current draw is relatively low once up to temperature.

The Flowerpot Pro can be upgraded with the Dual Purpose head, making the draw similar to a B2 and allowing you to use concentrates.


- Made out of 6061 Billet Aluminum

- Adapters available for HydraTube type glass, Whip or available cooling modules.

- Custom heater assembly exclusive to the Flowerpot Pro.

- The FP Pro flower head is designed with B1 airflow in mind

- FP Pro Dual Purpose head is designed with B2 in mind (optional extra).

- 28mm Sic or Sapphire Dishes for great tasting dabs with optional Dual Purpose head.

- Proprietary scooper for loading flower (TCup)

- Built-in Enail Controller and 20mm Coil

- Heat Guard for safe, 24 hour use


  • FP Pro Device Housing and Electronics (3381)
  • FPP Glass adapter (3330)
  • FPP Flower-only Head Post (7050)
  • 3mm Ruby Balls (9422-3MM)
  • 18mm Banger connection (3234)
  • FP Pro Bowl with Cocobolo Handle and Screen (7016)
  • Stundenglass Whip (9427)
  • 18.8mm Glass Whip Adapter (9449)
  • 18.8mm Female to Female Adapter (9446)
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Revision History

V1.0 - One Piece. Non Spring Bowl Assembly. January 2021

V2.0 - Two piece, Spring lift, Two post Assembly. July 2022

V3.0 - Four Post, January 2023

V3.1 - O-Ring Added to Bowl Plunger (Spring Assembly). March 2023 - Never shipped

V3.2 - Dual Purpose O-Ring Plunger Designed (o-ring is optional). Spring Shoulder shortened.

        N.B. this is the 220v version for EU/UK