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Hydrology 9

by James Bedding
Hydrology 9
Hydrology 9 Review
The Hydrology 9 is the first water vape to land in the UK. It is brought to you by Cloudious 9 and it also overcomes a ton of major challenges that are present in today’s vape pens. This herb vaporiser has a patented stirring mechanism and this automatically sifts the bud into the chamber and it offers a huge range of features with a very effective level of heat distribution. On top of this, the amount of waste is scaled back and this ultimately means that you only get rich and dense vaping clouds.

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer

So when you unbox your Hydrology 9 product, here’s what you can expect to see inside the box:
  • Hydrology 9 Vape Kit
  • USB Cable
  • AC Adaptor
  • Air Intake/Adjustment Tool
  • Long and Short Brushes
  • Two Screens
  • Instruction Manual
Hydrology 9 Design
This product is incredibly unique in its design. It’s on the bigger end of the spectrum. It is 7” tall and the diameter of the vape pen itself is around 1.5”. On top of that, the dimensions make it significantly larger when compared to other vapes such as the Pax 3 and even the DaVinci IQ as well. It is very evenly matched and the never before seen features really do help it to stand out from the crowd.


The overall design to this vape pen is futuristic. The glass and water filter system is combined with various LED lights. These will give you a whole new precedent and it is very integrated into the oven chamber. When you vape on this pen, you’ll quickly see that the dense clouds give you the chance to avoid the harmful effects that come with smoking weed.
Air Intake
The dry herb vaporiser has two different intake vents. These are completely adjustable and you can do it all based on your personal preference. This drastically improves the experience you get with vaping.
Water Filtration
The water filtration system allows the user to have an unobstructed stream of vapour. This will give you a smoother and cleaner hit when compared. One of the best features that this vape pen comes with is the fact that it has a rotating stirrer and this gives you the chance to stir your herbs and distribute more heat evenly.
Magnetic Mouthpiece
The Hydrology 9 works by implementing different magnetic mouthpieces. You also have a detachable mouthpiece that is made out of the same premium material that the Firefly 2 uses. The magnetic mouthpiece is incredibly functional and it is very user friendly as well.
Available to order today from our online store.