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Cannabis Hardware Bliss Wireless Ball Vape Station - UK

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Bliss Wireless Ball Vape Station

Meet Bliss, the new cordless cannabis base station.  Bliss is one of the new ZenLeaf series by Cannabis Hardware. Like the rest of the series, Bliss can be used for either flower or concentrates. What differentiates Bliss from the rest of the collection is that Bliss is the only enail station in the ZenLeaf collection that has an external XLR plug with its own temperature controller and on/off switch. This gives you the option to power and control the temperature on your existing Flowerpot or TBucket.

The Bliss also dual PID temperature controllers managed by separate power switches.  The device comes ready to use with a 25mm axial coil preinstalled, this means the coil will heat up from the bottom and the sides. For your comfort and safety the aluminum heat shield has two mounting positions which allows you to raise or lower for injector heads or tall bangers.  Conveniently located on the top of Bliss are 5 pockets: 1 (3") large pocket in the center for a grinder or AVB can, 4 medium size pockets for accessories such as your flower diffuser, carb cap, shovelhead, etc.  Also, located on top of the base are 8 holes for smaller accessories which be be used for dabbers, stirrers or loading tool. As well as 2 (1/4-20) threads for additional FlowerPot heat shields. Like rest of the collection Bliss is also made out top of the line 6061 aircraft aluminium. 

 How to use:

Simply insert your flower diffuser such as the Mary or Jane (see separate listings), or drop in a 25mm quartz banger into the built in coil. It will continue to stay hot and ready until you are ready to use it. Then easily take out either the flower diffuser or the banger, and use it with either your shovelhead bowl or 18mm glass bowl and your favourite water piece or Haze pipe and enjoy the cord free enail experience. You can use the flower diffuser multiple times before needing to place it back on the coil.

The Bliss base is proudly made in Florida, USA and offers a 1 year warranty.


The Zenleaf series of devices is a new ecosystem of wireless Cannabis Vaporizers that are designed to meet all of your vaping needs, whether it's dry herb or concentrates. It is designed around a 25mm Axial coil within a heat shielded base which is where the heat is supplied. Complementing the Enail Stations, are a choice of "flower diffusers" or a standard 25mm quartz banger to complete the most flavorful vaping experience possible. 


*The allen tool size to reposition the heat shield is 5/64"

** Heat Deflecting plate included and pre installed on all units. 

*** Display color may vary

Safety Instructions:

DO NOT leave device unattended while hot


      N.B. this is the 220v version for EU/UK. 

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