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About Us

Hi, my name is James and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about why I set-up

Firstly about VaporizerHut -

I am aiming for VaporizerHut to be the U.K.’s number one personal and friendly vaporizer specialist.
I understand more than anyone how important it is for you to get good results from your vaporizer and I also understand that when you do buy a vaporizer, you want it to be delivered with discreet packaging with the highest quality of technology in your product.

That is why I am 100% dedicated to offering you super-fast shipping with same day dispatch wherever possible. It’s my aim to give you the lowest UK prices possible and always stock the latest products, sometimes before they even hit the general market so you know you can count on me to truly deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

I will give you advice if you need it, without sales jargon and I’m always here to help and support you with your purchase. I really do aim to offer excellent customer service and friendly advice.

So I am entirely confident that you won’t find anyone better. I am incredibly passionate about dry herb and wax vaporizers, not to mention that I will always give you the best price.

In fact, if you find someone else who is selling the same product cheaper, I will price match it for you so you know that you’ll never have to compromise on good customer service just to save a pound or two. So why don’t you get in touch with me today to find out more? I can’t wait to hear from you and i’m very excited to work with you so you can get the best result.

About myself James - ( a.k.a. CannaQuad)

A little about myself. I grew up living on the beautiful island of Jersey. My life was fairly typical of any lad, growing up, experiencing what life had to offer, having fun and living the best life I could. I always enjoyed meeting up with my friends, surfing & skateboarding and just living life to the full I was very active and adventurous child always up to mischief with a good heart :-)

That’s when my life changed. At the age of 15-years old, I suffered a spinal injury after an unfortunate accident. The accident left me paralysed from the shoulders down (quadriplegic) and my whole life changed. Once the shock of the accident had subsided and the realisation that my life was now one of that confined to a wheelchair, I started to pick up the pieces and adjust to different life.

In my early teenage years, my experience with cannabis was one of experimentation. Something you experienced behind the bikesheds, something you’d dabble with to give you a little bit of a high, but not something I could ever see as being part of my everyday life, little did I know that a years later, the main component of it, would help me beyond belief.

One of the main issues I face daily is the spasms in my limbs, some of them associated with being confined to a wheelchair and some of them as a direct result of injuries sustained through the accident.

Almost daily, these spasms would leave me in agony and emotionally really low. That’s when a friend suggested I try CBD, the natural occurring cannabinoid constitution of cannabis, the part that doesn’t get you high, but has reported medical benefits for those suffering with life limiting conditions.

Although CBD is available in lots of different forms, I personally preferred to smoke it through a vaporizer. The vaporizer allowed the active plant ingredients to be distributed and more of the therapeutic components to be released, so it is definitely more beneficial for people using it as a pain relief support system.

I noticed almost immediately the effect the CBD had on my pain and spasms. So much so, that I started using it daily as a spasm management system and general well-being. I managed to come off a number of my prescription drugs which had been extremely beneficial I now only use CBD and a legal THC spray which is available from the doctor known as sativex and also baclofen to help manage my spasms.

From my daily use and passion for CBD and potentially one day the use of legal and regulated medical cannabis I decided to launch two websites dedicated to these type of products first of all I launched dedicated to selling mainly CBD products and then I launched a second site which is dedicated for the sale of vaporizer suitable for the use with various different CBD products.

Since the launch of my websites I have spoken to many people who have found CBD very beneficial and has really helped boost their health and overall general well-being. 

Thank you for listening. If you have any questions regarding CBD or my products I sell on my websites or if you would just like to just ask any questions about anything really I am happy to help. Please do contact me on one of the emails below: