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Ghost MV1 vaporiser

by Chris Jay
Ghost MV1 vaporiser

The Ghost MV1 vaporiser is truly a state-of-the-art dual purpose vaporizer that has ticked many boxes for unbelievable value for money and a top vaping experience.

It fits in your hand like a glove, and very ergonomic to use. All the internal components are easy to access, clean and use. It has a retractable glass mouthpiece that you can draw clouds from your session almost like you are using a desktop vape. What is even more impressive with the Ghost MV1 vaporiser is that you use far less flower or concentrate to get the same effect! The efficiency of the unit is 2nd to none and you will be inhaling over 100 times before the detachable long-lasting lithium battery is depleted. 

How to use your Ghost MV1 Vaporiser

The taste from the Ghost MV1 is incredible and this is achieved through the induction of cold air and the heating up by convection of the herb. The modern design includes an efficient heatsink at the top of the vaporiser that reduces the temperature of the heat before going through the glass mouthpiece and into your lungs. Not only this but even the way cold air is moved around the vaporiser before reaching the vape oven is an engineering blessing. 

This vape is a next level generation and was designed from the ground up to offer a medical experience match by no other. The Ghost App also pairs with your vaporizer or others to provide quick access to temperature settings, or just lockdown your Ghost MV1 for security.

It also comes in a variety of trendy and stylish colours from stealth black through to a glitzy rose gold. The vaporiser is suitable for both dry herb and concentrates and comes with all the accessories to indulge with. There are many accessories available on that will extend the functionality of the unit, or provide you with extra battery life or speed up your charge.

How to clean your Ghost MV1 Vaporiser

The Ghost MV1 vaporiser is a breeze to clean. All parts that need deep cleaning are easy enough to detach and the rest can be cleaned by hand.

All the Ghost MV1 vaporisers are available through