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PAX Juul

by Chris Jay
PAX Juul
Vaporizerhut is proud to stock the Pax JUUL starter kit and many flavoursome refills. These popular 1st generation e-cigarettes are very minimalistic and PAX have kept simplicity in mind for the user.

They are small, sleek and light, almost resembling a long USB stick. The PAX Juul does not have many features except for a battery LED light and even the packing and contents are minimalistic.

The PAX Juul starter kit comes with a magnetic rechargeable USB battery, the vaping device and four flavoured pods, namely Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Creme Brulee and Fruit Medley. These are delicious flavours that are ash and odour free. The e-juice flavours in the pods contain 0.7ml’s of e-liquid, with a nicotine concentration of 5%. You are not likely to find many e-juices at this strength and the innovation of the Juul POD is through the delivery of the patented nicotine salts that are activated in the e-cigarette when heated. Unlike other manufacturers who use freebase nicotine, Pax’s proprietary salt system was designed similar to nature where nicotine is inclined to form and join organic acids and salts.

Directions for use

The device is very simple to use. The variety of flavoured pods include the e-liquid and atomizer. Plug the pod into the Juul and activate your vape by puffing on it. It is draw-activated and requires two small puffs to get it going. You will hear a small crackling sound and almost immediately get your first taste of vapour.

The Pax Juul does not come with fancy heat settings or LCD displays and certainly won't provide you with huge plumes of vapour. But with a few small drags, you feel it hit your throat, more than likely to do with the innovative delivery system and volume of nicotine present in the pod. The PAX Juul can handle up to 200 puffs per pod and has a decent battery life.

The device is so light you would think it does not even contain a battery, but it obviously does. The JUUL has a smart sensor to check your battery life. Tap your finger twice on the JUUL and the LED light will light up green for a full charge, yellow for half full and red for recharge required. To recharge you snap the USB charger into a power source and within an hour your device should be fully charged and ready to go.

PAX JUUL cartridges come with 4 flavours already and Vaporizerhut offers a variety of refill packs on our online store. The flavours of JUUL pods are Mango, Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Cool Cucumber, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee and Classic Menthol. These are all conveniently available online, including the PAX JUULS starter pack.

PAX is usually known for their modern and stylish 2nd generation vaporizers with a variety of features and settings for any vaporizer enthusiast. But this simple device they have recently launched is very modern in itself. Go ahead and browse our products now.