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Beginners Guide to Vaporising Cannabis

by Ross Barker
Beginners Guide to Vaporising Cannabis

Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer

Whether you are a complete beginner to cannabis or have consumed it previously but are new to vaporising, then hopefully this guide will help understand vaporising better, and help you pick a vaporiser that suits your needs. 

What is vaporising?

Vaporising cannabis means to heat it up so that the cannabinoids and terpenes evaporate into a vapour without combusting the plant matter and releasing harmful carcinogens.

It can also refer to the use of vape fluids and concentrates, however they are not the focus of this post. We do stock a range of devices to consume vape fluids and concentrates, so please get in touch if you have any queries and we will be able to help.

What are the benefits of vaporising cannabis?

Carcinogens begin to be released around the 200 C (390 F) point, with a joint burning around 700 C (1300 F) when puffed. For reference, CBD and THC, the most known cannabinoids, are released around 165 C and 175 C respectively, with terpenes being released at even lower temperatures. Combustion occurs at 232 C (450 F).

Combusting cannabis also releases tar and can cause respiratory issues, making smoking potentially unsuitable for those with respiratory problems.

Vaping is also more efficient at extracting cannabinoids and terpenes than combustion, with more than half the compounds being burned off just from puffing a joint, and a further 15-20% burning off between draws.  

Due to the lower temperatures used when vaporising, far more of the cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved massively enhancing not only the flavour of your cannabis, but also boosting any potential benefits of the “entourage effect”, the theorised interaction of the cannabinoids and terpenes that boosts their overall effects beyond the sum of their parts.

You can also customise the effects vaporising will give you, with lighter effects felt around 150 C (300 F), moderate effects up to 180 C (360 F) and stronger effect 180-220 C (360 – 430 F), with more sedative and relaxing effects felt higher up the heat range. I tend to stop around 200 C (390 F).

Devices for vaporising cannabis

To be able to effectively vaporise cannabis, choosing a quality vaporiser that is suited to your needs is important to get the most from your cannabis. Buying a good device in the beginning will save you money in the long run, not only because the quality devices last much longer, but also because you will get much more from your herbal cannabis.

If a higher end device extracts 10% more than a lower end device (and the margin can be much greater than that), you will save money over time by investing in a quality vaporiser at the outset. 

Portable devices

Portable devices are fantastic for both those looking to vape on the go, but are also perfect for those looking to vape at home without committing to a tabletop device. These range from budget friendly devices up to higher end devices that are more efficient and will get more from your herb, both in terms of efficiency but also flavour.

Pulsar APX Flow

The Pulsar APX V3 and Pulsar Flow are two excellent devices if you are on a budget. The APX 3 is small and discreet and has 4 temperature settings and a "cash" mode for bigger hits or for clearing the chamber, whilst the larger Pulsar Flow packs a real punch, with the innovative cooling channels providing surprisingly cool vapour. 

The Fury Edge is an excellent vaporiser, and one of our most popular products. It is aesthetically pleasing and lovely to hold with a slightly rubberised texture. The Fury Edge is one of our biggest sellers and with good reason. A screen allows for easy and accurate temperature control, and the device has a free flowing draw with very good vapour production that packs a real punch whilst maintaining great flavour. 



The Pax 3 comes in two versions, with the basic kit suitable for dry herb, and the complete kit which also allows use with concentrates. A very sleek device available in a range of colours, they are extremely discreet and will slip away into a suit pocket or handbag. There are 4 easy to change temperature settings, with an app available for further fine tuning of your vaping experience. The Pax functions like an electronic joint, with a sip not a rip producing the best draws. A lovely relaxed vaping experience.  

Vaporising Cannabis

The DaVinci IQ2 is a beautifully made device with some excellent features for those looking for ultimate control of their medication and dosing. The device benefits from medical grade materials throughout, an adjustable airflow dial, a unique dosage calculation system and uses an 18650 cell for ease of changing batteries on the go.  


The Crafty + and the Mighty by Storz and Bickel are considered by many as the gold standard of portable dry herb devices. These devices produce consistent, quality vapour every time and are renowned for flavour production. Whilst significantly larger than the Crafty +, the Mighty benefits from double the battery capacity and a screen to select temperatures. The Crafty + has 2 temperature settings available at the push of the button so is very easy to use, and further changes can be made with an app if desired. 

DynaVaps are an extremely popular product as they appeal to those coming to vaping from smoking as well as beginners as they can be a gentle session type experience, or produce a huge bong filling hit, it all depends how you apply the heat. Unlike the other devices in this guide, DynaVaps don't have a built in heat source so must be heated either with a lighter (preferably a decent jet style lighter) or with an induction heater. I will write a separate article on DynaVaps shortly as there is a learning curve that is worthy of a bit more detail. We sell the devices on their own, including the 2021 M, VonG and Omni amongst others. We also stock the superb value starter kits, which come with a device, a carry case with magnet for cooling/holding the device, a jet lighter and some spares. These are available for the 2021 M, VonG and Omni

Desktop devices 

We currently stock the range of Storz and Bickel desktop devices, from the Plenty to the ubiquitous Classic and Hybrid Volcano. All three devices are the ultimate way to consume dry herb when portability isn't a requirement. 

The Plenty is a great option for those looking for a desktop device without going up to a Volcano. The Plenty features an adjustable temperature dial to help you get the most from your dry herb, with a stainless steel helix whip cooling the vapour produced. 

The Classic, as the name suggests is the classic and is credited with practically inventing the modern vaporisation market. The Classic features a detachable bag which allows for cool vapour which can be inhaled as the user desires and a rotating knob to adjust temperature, with nine different temperature settings.

The Hybrid is the pinnacle of desktop vaporiser performance and benefits from heating up ten times faster than the Classic, digital temperate control, app connectivity and it comes with a "whip" so it can be used like a shisha. 

For those on a budget who would still like a desktop device, we now stock the Arizer Extreme Q. We were extremely impressed by the performance of the device in testing, and it has several great features like a remote control and a clear bowl so you can see how degraded your herbs are.