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Different Types Of cannabis Herb Grinders That Are Raging Right Now

by James Bedding
Different Types Of cannabis Herb Grinders That Are Raging Right Now

Are you preparing your cannabis at home? You may need to grind the dry herb so you get to benefit most. Grinding cannabis is not as simple as it sounds. You just cannot use your regular kitchen blender tool to grind cannabis. Kitchen type grinder tools will only damage the pure value of the cannabis.

This is why you should only use a specialized type of cannabis grinder. You can search for the best Santa Cruz grinder for producing quality cannabis grind. cannabis grinding tools are available in many different types in the market. You can buy quality cannabis grinders from reputable cannabis dealers.

When searching the local market and online store, you will come across many different types. These are specialized portable types of grinding tools. They are easy to use. They will also grind cannabis so it does not lose its natural taste.

Why do you need the best grinding tool?

If you are using a quality grinding tool, then you also get to smoke quality cannabis products. A kitchen blender will only destroy its natural taste. If cannabis is burnt then you may not get to smoke and enjoy its actual taste.

Grinder types in the market

The first thing to remember is that the material of the grinder makes a big difference. Based on the material, you will have to pay the price of the grinder. Some common types are listed here below.

  1. Wood material grinder

This probably is the most common type in the market. This type is also more reliable. It is made up of a hardwood body. The grinder is handmade and so you can regulate the grinding action. The tool will help in crushing the cannabis into thick powder.

This guarantees that the cannabis will not grind completely into fine powder. If you prefer smoking natural cannabis then this type is the best.

  1. Metal body type

This one may be a little more expensive as compared to the wooden type. The body is made up of stainless steel metal. The grinder could also be made up of aluminium or titanium metal. You may not be able to use any other metal as it will easily react with the herb. 

You can always invest little money in purchasing one that is made up of aluminium metal. The tool may have a hardened blade.

  1. Gold metal

If you are a stylish person then you can look around for the best grinders made up of Gold metal. Gold grinders are more expensive. So you may have to invest more money. They will also last for a longer time.

Even if the blades have been used up you can replace them with a new blade. You just have to select the right type that suits your style. You can also buy an electric type, but it may not be the first choice for anyone.