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The Flowerpot Ball Type Vape

by Ross Barker
The Flowerpot Ball Type Vape

Today we are going to take a bit of a dive into the latest revolution in dry herb vaping - ball type vapes, and in particular the Cannabis Hardware range of Flowerpots to help you decide which one could be for you. Are you ready to experience the end game of cannabis vaporising? Then read on!

Flowerpot B2 standard head in bong

What is a ball type vape?

Simply put, a ball type vape is the best way to get massive tasty vaporised bong rips from a desktop device. Once up to temperature, they draw little power so can be left on ready to rip whenever you are.

Ball type vapes get their name from the fact they are filled with balls. Generally speaking these are ruby or quartz but sapphire, SiC and a range of other materials can be used.

The balls are held in a housing heated with an e-nail, creating a large "thermal battery" that stores a lot of heat, whilst also having huge airflow and surface area through the matrix of balls cntained in the head. 

Flowerpot B2 standard head

The ball material and size have an effect on vapour production and flavour, with 3 and 4mm generally being the sweet spot, with 4mm being slightly more open. Most gemstones perform similarly, with a slight improvement in thermal mass found with SiC balls which carry a much higher price tag.

Ruby balls

So how does it work?

Using a Flowerpot couldn't be simpler. Imagine the heater head as like the lighter for your bong. Fill up the bowl and place it into your chosen piece and when you want to rip, place the heater head assembly over the bowl and draw through it.

Shovelhead Bowl
Playing with how hard you draw through your rig will let you dial in your hit to how you like it. Slower draws will expose the herb to more heat, whilst a faster draw will be lighter.


Controlling temperature

Temperature is controlled through a PID controller, with Cannabis Hardware offering their own model at a lower price than the more feature laden Auber RDK 300A. 

CH PID Controller       Auber PID Controller

The CH and Auber PID controllers

The temperatures used are generally far higher than other vape devices as the temperature is at the coil, with the temperature dropping roughly 200 degrees Fahrenheit by the time the heat hits your herb.  

We recommend playing with your temperatures and draw speed to find your sweet spot. With the Flowerpot B-Zero, Cannabis Hardware recommend 580F for longer more flavourful draws, and 600F for shorter harsher rips with lots of vapour.  With the B1 and B2, try starting around 650F and go up for big rips. With my personal B2 my sweet spot is 666F.

Which device is for you? 

Cannabis Hardware has three main offerings, the entry level B-Zero, the flower only B1 and the big daddy the B2 which can do concentrates and flower independently or at the same time. 

Cannabis Hardware B-Zero

The B-Zero is Cannabis Hardware's entry level device but don't expect entry level performance! Inspired by DIY devices made in the vaping community, the B-Zero strips the head of everything bar the necessities. 

With the coil wrapping around the outside of the head the B-Zero is stripped back and basic but still offers similar performance levels of its bigger brothers. With slightly less thermal mass than the B1 and B2, and similar airflow to the B1 this is a flavour train! 

B-Zero HeadB-Zero with Auber controller      

We personally recommend adding the optional aluminium and hemp handle to really finish the device off.

The B-Zero is the device for those looking for massive flavourful rips on a budget. The B-Zero is flower only and features the Elev8 injector style bowl.

Cannabis Hardware B1

Stepping up a level is the B1. With more titanium in the head, the B1 holds a bit more heat than the B-Zero and has a similar airflow with the open top nut design. 

With that extra thermal mass the B1 hits a little harder than the B-Zero. You also have a choice between the injector style head, or the standard head that works with Cannabis Hardware's Shovelhead bowl.

B1 Injector head
B1 with the injector head 

So what is the difference? Well the injector head mates with an Elev8 style glass bowl. The injector model is the one to go for if you are more about flavour than clearing the bowl in one big vape filled rip. The heating element is further away from your herb than with the ShovelHead and the bowl can often be stirred between hits to really keep the flavour going.

B1 standard head

B1 with ShovelHead bowl

The ShovelHead bowl is all titanium. Not only does it bring the herb closer to the heating element, titanium is an excellent thermal conductor meaning you can take advantage of not only raw convection power from the Flowerpot, but also further conduction heating via the bowl itself. What I often find myself doing is "baking" the ShovelHead before drawing. This gives stonier, heavier hits.

The B1 is the device to buy if you only intend on using flower and don't want to stretch to a B2. Whilst not hitting quite as hard as the B2, it doesn't hit your wallet quite as hard either! Super free flowing rips with flavour for days and the choice between the injector or the ShovelHead bowl, you won't be left disappointed! 

Cannabis Hardware B2

The halo product in Cannabis Hardware's lineup is the B2. This is the most powerful and hardest hitting vaporiser capable of vaporising not only flower, but concentrates too in the upper dab dish, or both at the same time for mind blowing terps and hit. 

Not only does the upper dish provide a surface to dab on, it also adds additional thermal mass over the B-Zero and B1 meaning even heavier hits. Combined with the B2 nut which is narrower, airflow is more focused. Air flow can be choked down further with the included carb cap, which can not only be used for concentrates but for making a bowl of flower even spicier! (Experiment with caution - I have combusted a couple of bowls flying too close the the sun with the carb cap).

Flowerpot B2 standard headB2 injector head

B2 in both standard and injector styles

You have the choice again between the injector style head and bowl, or the standard ShovelHead design, as discussed above. 

The B2 is the one for you if you want to consume concentrates or simply have the best of the best! With the extra weight and tighter airflow, even if you just consume flower and want the heaviest hitter, this is the one. Then throw in the ability to dab at the same time, the Cannabis Hardware B2 is the heavyweight champion and a true end game device for your collection! 

Final notes 

Before deciding to stock the Cannabis Hardware FlowerPot range, we initially purchased one for testing a couple of months ago. Since then it only gets turned off at night, is set up in our Don Street shop and is used all day long and it has never failed to impress us or our customers. 

Whilst a vaporiser like this might not be for everyone, for those who want hassle free, cloudy, vaporised bong rips that hit hard, look no further than a ball type vape, particularly one from Cannabis Hardware. The ability to leave it on all day for on demand heavy rips is in our opinion revolutionary. There is a lot of hype surrounding ball type vapes, and this time the hype is well justified!