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Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer - UK

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The Zeus Arc GT3 Hub is the evolved version of the classic Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer. Outfitted with GoldSink Technology™, it boasts 24-karat gold-coated parts that enhance heat and airflow for a cool and pure vapor experience. This device is designed exclusively for herbs and weed. Moreover, it includes numerous tools for smooth use and maintenance. Unique features like the Xtruder and Zeus ArcPods enable even faster and more efficient vaping.

Improved Version Zeus Arc GT + Pods

Regarded as one of the top marijuana vaporizers worldwide, the Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer has earned a reputation for its superior taste and air-flow. This is likely attributable to GoldSink Technology™, incorporating 24-karat gold parts. The device's intelligent layout and accompanying Zeus Arc Tool guarantee optimal operation.

The Zeus Arc GT3 Hub is an improved version of the Zeus Arc GT and GTS, featuring an optimized mouthpiece and extra features. It comes with the Xtruder - a grinder for quickly filling the ArcPods - a dosing capsule that can store up to 0.3 grams of weed or herbs. This makes vaping easier and faster, and ensures the vaporizer stays clean: no need to put herbs directly into the chamber. Choose the Zeus Arc GT3 Hub and experience the benefits of this next-generation vaporizer.

The GT3 features a 20% increase in airflow, yet maintains the same volume of vapor, plus USB-C fast charging, permitting the vaporizer to reach 66% battery in just 40 minutes and a full charge in 110 minutes.

Specifications & Benefits Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer:


  • Zeus Arc GT3 weed vaporizer
  • With GoldSink Technology™
  • 24-karat gold leaf coating for better heat and air conduction
  • Faster and better vaping with the Xtruder & Zeus ArcPods*
  • Large and flavorful vapor clouds
  • Conduction vaporizer for weed
  • Three temperature presets (205°C | 215°C | 225°C)
  • Very easy to use with just one-button operation
  • Multifunctional Zeus Arc Tool, always at hand
  • Vibrating feedback signals
  • Many cleaning tools
  • Size of 22.5 mm x 42 mm x 87 mm
  • Battery capacity: 3500 mAh
  • Included: Xtruder grinder, Zeus Arcpods, USB cable, cleaning tools, and more
  • Warranty: 3 years

The Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer offers a convenient vaping option - you can either use herbs and weed directly, or fill Zeus ArcPods and load them into the device.

Instructions for Use of the Zeus Arc GT3 Vaporizer

The Zeus Arc GT3 offers remarkable performance and rapid heating. By lifting the silicone mouthpiece, users can quickly observe the glimmer of the herb chamber. Additionally, the side of the vaporizer functions as a loading tool, providing convenience when packing the 0.4 grams of dry herbs into the chamber. For a more tailored vaping experience, users can take advantage of the Zeus Arc Spacer, a compact glass pebble that fits precisely in the herb chamber, decreasing the herb capacity while optimizing air flow.

The Zeus Arc GT3 vaporizer is luxuriously crafted with 24-karat gold leaf and operates with a single button. To activate, press and hold the button on top for a few seconds. The device will vibrate to indicate that is has been powered on. By clicking twice, you can select any of the temperature presets. The LED lights on the side of the unit will indicate which preset is active - blue while heating, and green when ready for use.

Easily assess the battery charge on the Zeus Arc GT3 by shaking it - the colour and quantity of the battery indicators present your current power level. Smart sensors help to optimise battery usage - after 30 seconds of inactivity the device will begin to cool and all the lights turn white. Should you need to wake up the vaporizer again, simply give it a shake - it will then return to temperature quickly.

Using Zeus ArcPods & Xtruder

Quick and efficient refills become possible with the Zeus Arc GT3 Hub featuring the Xtruder and 15 included ArcPods. The Xtruder serves as a fast grinder of the pods, which each hold up to 0.3 grams of dry herbs or cannabis.

Fill the top of the Xtruder with your choice of weed or herbs, and place an ArcPod below. The pods can be filled with different types of herbs, making it convenient to switch up your flavor profiles. Additionally, they can easily be taken along to enjoy vaporizing on the go. With the ArcPods, vaporizer maintenance is reduced, while the flavor and density of the vapor is preserved. The ArcPods are also sold separately and are compatible with the Zeus Arc GT vaporizer. Along with the kit, you will also receive a tray for easy emptying of the pods.

Of course, the Zeus Arc GT3 can also be used without ArcPods.

Size and Design of Zeus Arc GT3

The Zeus Arc GT3 is one of the smallest vaporizers available, boasting 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm dimensions. It fits easily in pockets and offers a comfortable grip. Crafted with anodized aluminum and finished with a sophisticated matte black coating, it stands out from the competition with its 24-karat gold components.

Zeus Arc Tool

The Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer is equipped with a magnetic, multi-functional tool, providing convenience and a distinct benefit. When you buy the vaporizer, you get a gold-coloured tool, which is conveniently attached by magnet to the bottom of the device. This tool can be used for a variety of tasks, such as grinding herbs, stirring the chamber, and manipulating hot parts.
Zeus Arc GT3 is a Genuine Weed Vaporizer

Zeus Arsenal developed the Zeus Arc GT3 with a single purpose: to be the top device for vaping dry herbs. Unlike other vaporizers designed for multiple substances, this portable vaporizer was engineered solely for dry herbs, guaranteeing exceptional performance. The Zeus Arc GT3 is a leading vaporizer for cannabis.

Zeus Arc GT3 Heating

The Zeus Arc GT3 utilizes conductive heating which is boosted by GoldSink Technology. The gold infuses the device with enhanced air and heat conduction. Three temperature presets at 205, 215 and 225 Celsius may be selected and read on the vaporizer's LED lights. Fast to heat, you'll be up and vaping in only 30 seconds.

Contents of the Package


  • Zeus Arc GT3 Vaporizer
  • Xtruder
  • 15x Zeus ArcPods + Tray
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Glass Spacer Screen
  • 5x Zeus Bristle Cleaners
  • Flow Sink Tool
  • 5x Zeus Grime Sticks
  • 5x Zeus Grimes Wipes
  • Loading Tool
  • Instructions

Vaporizer Cleaning & Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer will keep it functioning optimally. Between sessions, it is important to quickly clean your device to prevent dirt from building up and causing more intensive cleaning needs. Fortunately, all the tools you need for this come with your purchase. Can't find what you need? Our 'Vaporizer Accessories' category has vast options for keeping your device spotless, like our Vaporizer Cleaning Kit featured in the 'Others Also Viewed' section.

About Zeus Arsenal

Zeus Arsenal dedicates itself to supplying superior-grade products for both heavenly and mortal users. With each passing day, they aspire to refine the vapor created by their vaporizers. It is their mission to deliver the newest and most innovative vaporizing solutions for the future.

The Canadian company works in cooperation with a team of German engineers, renowned for their meticulous attention to detail. Utilizing data and expertise, these developers strive to produce the highest quality vaporizer available on the market.