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Pulsar Terp Slurper Twist Set with banger - UK

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Terp slurpers are taking the dabbing world by storm - and with good reason! 

If you have never used a terp slerper style banger before you are in for a real treat. You can use the banger without the included marble and pill. To do this, heat up the lower section of the banger that hangs down, along with the entire bucket. Once at the desired temperature, either place your dab into the lower bowl area, or for massive dabs drop it in from the top into the lower chamber, throw on your carb cap and blast away! 

The included marble and pill and an extra element to the experience. Either heat them up and drop them into the banger before you heat it, or let the heat soak into them as you pre-heat your banger. They will hold onto the heat longer than the quartz, ensuring every last drop of concentrate is vaporised. The pill dances around in the lower chamber, mixing those lovely pools of terpenes up! 

14mm male joint. Colours vary. Sold individually.