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Nebula Boost Decarboxylator

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 Nebula developed a decarboxylator that is discreet, portable, reliable and easy to use at home that fully activates your material for a much higher potency by providing better control than the fluctuations of an oven which leads to either burning off material or failing to fully activate it.

Nebula Boost Decarboxylator Benefits

  • Allows you not to worry about the complicated and precise process of time, temperature and atmosphere.
  • Increases potency and purity by precise time and temperature control over using old traditional oven methods.
  • Reduces waste by not burning off material
  • Reduces unwanted household smells
  • (Discreet Packaging)

PROGRAMS - Auto select your preference and hit GO - it's that simple. The processor inside will do the rest.

HIGH GRADE - High quality food grade stainless steel inside the chamber. The Infusion Chef, blends, heats, stirs your herbal extracts at exactly the right times.

FLEXIBLE - The Infusion Chef has been built to be more than an infuser. You can create as much as your imagination will let you. We have left the time and temperature with the ability to be fully customised. This gives you the power to create!

UK WARRANTY - Full UK support team and warranty included.

PLUGS - Two plugs are included in the box; UK plug (3-pin 230v) and European plug (2-pin 220v).