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The Wand by Ispire Enail Dab Kit Induction Heater - UK

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This is one item we are mega excited to have available at VaporizerHut; The Wand by Ispire.

Designed primarily for concentrates, this versatile induction heater can also handle dry flower and whilst not the primary design function, The Wand heats a DynaVap to perfection for big hits in a bong in a way that can only be achieved with some advance torch techniques. 


Quite simply, this has revolutionised dabbing for me. With no blowtorch roaring away and no wires from a traditional e-nail setup, The Wand is the slickest way I have enjoyed concentrates to date. Simply select the temperature, double tap the fire button and place The Wand over the included banger and metal lined inner cup. Once the light turns solid the banger is ready to roll! 

Being able to dial in those temperatures with ease has changed the game for me. From low temperature dabs to savour those terpenes all the way up to thick cloud and cough inducing hits, the Ispire Wand will do it all. 

Dry Herb

With the flick of a switch, The Wand can be used to vaporise dry herbs in the banger and inner cups with control over the heating intensity. 

Drop the banger into your favourite 14mm bong or water tool and enjoy some bowls! 


Whilst not designed for DynaVaps, the Ispire Wand induction heater has seemingly taken the DynaVerse by storm! 

The Wand takes more time to heat the Vap Cap to the click coming in around 30 seconds with a stainless tip, compared to other induction devices like the Orion or Apollo or when using the torch, but unlike other heaters that favour a session type experience, the Wand will have your herb (or concentrate with the concentrates coil) fully up to temperature. 

If you love big hits through water, this is the device for you! It can perfectly heat the DynaVap for a one hit clear every single.

Heating times vary with tip material choice, with titanium tips taking around 20-25 seconds to reach full temperature, and stainless taking slightly longer at 25-30 seconds. The Wand will also heat the tip more sedately if the tip is not fully inserted into the induction ring, for lovely flavourful sessions.

The kit contains: 

The Wand 
1 Angled Banger 
1 Straight Banger 
2 Inner Cups (1 Bottomed and 1 Bottomless) 
1 Carb Cap
USB C Charging Cable 
User Manual

N.B. the device does not come with batteries and 2 quality 18650 cells are required. We sell these as an extra in the above Add-On Accessories section, please ensure you select 2 as the quantity during checkout. During testing I have been very impressed with battery life, getting 25+ heat cycles out of a charge. The USB C charger allows for surprisingly fast charge times with the device taking approximately 2-3 hours to fully charge. 

Pictured with a Chongz Charm Assault and DynaVap VonG (not included).