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End Game Labs 2-Con Dry Herb Vaporiser - UK

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 We are super excited to be the first in the UK to stock the End Game Labs 2-Con portable ball vape! This has quickly become my go to portable vape, with desktop rivalling power and extraction of your herb. 

The 2-Con is revolutionary not only for being the first portable ball vape, but also the first to the market with independent conduction and convection (hence the name 2-Con). 

You have the ability to independently have convection only (via the balls), conduction only (via the heating element surrounding your herb) or a combination of both for unrivalled extraction.

In case you are wondering what a ball vape is, it refers to the chamber containing a large number of ruby balls that is heated. Ruby has excellent thermal retention properties, and with the large surface area of the balls forming a tight matrix, this heat is transferred extremely efficiently to the air as it is drawn through. Ball vapes such as Cannabis Hardware and QaromaShop's offerings are considered end game vaporisers, and now taking a ball vape out and about is possible! 

The 2-Con can also be ran straight into a bong or water pipe with no additional adapters required as it features a 14mm and 18mm male joint built in. It also comes in a quality carry case to keep it secure on your travels.

Package include

1 x 2-con

2 x Glass Tubes

2 x Stem(include the balls and screen)

2 x Extra screen

1 x Type-c cable

1 x 21700 lithium battery

1 x Brush

2 x Screwdriver

2 x Screw

330pcs rubies

 Tips for use

Whilst being one of the best performing vaporisers on the market, it is not geared towards newcomers in the way a Mighty or Fury Edge might be, and as such it is not perhaps as user friendly.

To use, I recommend setting the countdown timer to around 300 seconds. Turn the device on by clicking the top button 5 times, you can adjust the top and bottom oven temperatures by double clicking the power button. I personally run the top oven at 205 and the bottom at 235, but I favour a heavier hit. 

Triple tap the power button. This will start heating the lower oven containing the balls. Use this time to load up your herb. The oven takes about a minute to get to temperature, and will continue to heat soak the balls past that. Once up to temp, place the herb tube in, and if you want to use hybrid heating, hold the top button down to start heating the top oven. 

You don't need to hold the Botton constantly, once up to temp keep it held for about 10 seconds, then reheat every 2 to 3 draws. Doing it like this improves battery life.

It will take 3 to 5 draws to "prime" the device before it starts producing vapour so enjoy the flavour and get ready! 

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