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Cannabis Hardware Flowerpot F16 Injector Head Assembly - UK

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Please note this is the head assembly only and does not include the coil or balls unless selected. Any pictures with other accessories are for illustrative purposes only. 

Continuing the evolution....

The new Flowerpot F16 head is created at a time where ball vapes require some refinement. This new flowerpot head packs a punch as the heat sink is improved by the addition of a solid titanium machined cap and a machined screen at the bottom which further improves the conduction and retention of heat throughout the device. 

There are two barrel designs, the F16 barrel is an injector style "male" head which will sit inside the shovelhead bowl and any other injector style bowl. The exposed 20mm coil design allows us to keep the cost down while offering full functionality. 

This design has taken the guesswork out of assembly and disassembly, so you can now switch between heads or disassemble for cleaning with ease. 

The machined cap is a threaded cap with styled grip notches for ease of assembly and disassembly. 

The titanium drop in screen is tumbled to remove burrs but tumbling also causes the change in its finish color. 

It has been argued in the community that there is a difference in flavor between the mesh screens and the solid titanium machined screens. This is due to using it at lower temps. Lower temps = More flavor. 

- About 180 3mm Rubies until full.

- About 68  4mm Rubies until full. 

Recommended starting temperature on this one is 560F (with 3mm Rubies)

The Flowerpot F16 Head includes:

- Flowerpot F16 Injector Barrel (3465)

- Drop in Machined Screen (3468)

Safety Instructions:

DO NOT use above 700 degrees Fahrenheit 

DO NOT leave unattended

ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.

WARNING! Must use more rubies than you may think. The level of the balls must exceed the brim in order for the threaded cap to put downward pressure on the balls and hence on the removable machined screen. Too few rubies could cause the screen to spin on an axis and spillage may occur. 

 - About 180 3mm Rubies until full.

- About 68  4mm Rubies until full. 

- Coil NOT Included