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Elf Bar BC5000 Thermal Edition Disposable 5% Nic 5000 Puffs - UK

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Introducing the EBCREATE BC5000 Disposable THERMAL EDITION – Unveiling the Future of Vaping

Prepare to be amazed by the EBCREATE BC5000, a truly impressive work of art in the world of vaping. This device is more than just a vape; its stylish design and elegant coloring will capture your attention and its comfortable grip will make it a pleasure to use. The robust 650mAh battery housed within adds even more appeal to this already stunning piece.

Performance That Defines Excellence

The BC5000's impressive appearance is just the beginning; it boasts exceptional performance capabilities as well. With a guaranteed 5000 puffs and the slogan "Small Box. Big Power!" this device is a true powerhouse. Its expertly designed dual coil system delivers powerful and unadulterated flavors, making every puff a satisfying voyage into the realm of vaping. This is more than just a disposable product; it embodies a dedication to unparalleled excellence.

Never Run Out of Steam

Concerned about your device dying during your vaping session? No need to worry. The BC5000 is one of the rare disposable options that features a Type-C recharging port, providing the ability to easily recharge and continue using your device until you finish every last puff.

A Visual Spectacle in Your Hands

Experience the BC5000's revolutionary thermal colour-changing finish, setting it apart from the rest. As you vape, witness its captivating transformation, captivating your senses in a truly unique way. It's more than just vaping; it's forging a special bond with your device.

Flavours That Delight the Palate

Although the description does not specify particular flavors, the thoroughness in every aspect guarantees a diverse selection of flavors. Paired with the captivating color-changing feature, the BC5000 strives to enhance the vaping experience into an engaging delight.
Specifications at a Glance:

Size: 79mm x 41mm x 19mm
E-liquid Capacity: 9.5mL
Battery: 650mAh (Rechargeable via Type-C)
Puffs: Approximately 5000

The Ultimate Vaping Statement

The Elf Bar BC5000 Thermal Edition disposable vape is an exceptional product designed for those who expect the highest quality in their vaping experience. With sophisticated design and impressive performance, this device sets a new standard for excellence. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or looking for a luxurious upgrade, the BC5000 is sure to impress with its 5000 puffs and 5% nicotine level.


Fuji Cloudz
Blackberry Cherry
Cherry Dragonfruit
Sour Grape Chew

Please Read:

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to bring to your attention an important update regarding our product branding in the United States. Due to specific trademark and regulatory requirements unique to the U.S. market, Elf Bar has rebranded as 'EB Design' exclusively in the United States. This change is a strategic response to comply with local laws and market conditions, ensuring our continued presence and success in the U.S. market.

It's important to note that this rebranding to EB Design is solely a change in name and packaging for the U.S. market. The products themselves, including their quality, manufacturing process, and the variety of flavors offered, remain consistent with the high standards that Elf Bar has always upheld. Our commitment to delivering top-quality products remains our top priority.

For our UK customers, this means that some of the products you receive might carry the 'EB Design' branding instead of 'Elf Bar'. We assure you that despite this visual change, the products are identical in every aspect that matters – quality, safety, and taste.

We appreciate your understanding regarding this branding change and are grateful for your continued support. Should you have any questions, we are always here to assist.

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