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Volcano Vaporizer Review

by James Bedding
Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer made by Storz and Bickel, and engineered to the highest German quality standards. This classic vaporizer is a preferred choice for seasoned cannabis vapor enthusiasts due to its quality build and vaporizing pleasure. All versions of the Volcano can be found right here on Vaporizerhut and shipped directly to you around the world from our warehouse in the UK. A free bonus is if you purchase it now, you will receive a free four-pieced AeroSpaced Grinder. 

Desktop vaporizers although bigger and bulkier do have many positive aspects such as vapor density, quality and taste. This Volcano is also easy to maintain for future vaporizing sessions. It also comes with a long 3-year warranty, which you will probably not have to use in 5 years.

How does the Volcano Work
Although the fan be noisy in your sitting room, alot of technology is being utilized to make this vaporizer function correctly. There are a few varieties and they work slightly differently:

1- Digital Volcano ( Digit)
2 - Analog Volcano ( Classic )
3 - Easy or solid valve

The volcano uses forced, filtered and heated air to to extract the cannabinoids from your concentrate or dry herbs, filling the balloon with high density vapor. The balloon is then detached and vapor inhaled through the mouthpiece. 

There is not a huge difference between the Digit and Classic versions except price. The Digit version comes with a digital display for heat settings and the Classic simply lacks an automatic shutoff timer.

The easy valve is obviously easier to use and the solid valve is made from durable stainless steel and offers customizable balloon sizes whereas the easy valve utilizes fixed balloon sizes. Both valves are compatible with either the digital or analog volcano vaporizers.

Personally the difference between the Classic or Digit is price and I prefer my analog Volcano with an Easy valve system as its its easier to maintain. I prefer less cleaning up after myself. All in all this is a great desktop vaporizer and works hard for you.

A great review by The Stoner Mom on youtube about the Volcano Vaporizer: