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PAX 3 Vaporizer Review

by James Bedding
PAX 3 Vaporizer Review
1 ,2, 3 the Pax models just seem to be getting better. With longer battery life, neater design and now including an extract/concentrate chamber. What more does a discreet cannabis enthusiast require?

Since 2007, PAX Labs has taken the world by storm with the introduction to its first of the series PAX 1 vaporizer. PAX 3 comes with a whole bunch of new features, accessories, and developments. Its a dual-use vaporizer for both dry herb and cannabis concentrates.

The design is stealthy, portable, sleek and shiny and available in black, gold, rose gold and silver. There are quite a few notable accessories that come in the PAX 3 box, namely: a concentrate insert, extra mouthpieces, charging cable, docking station, extra oven lids, extra screens, a maintenance kit amongst other items, including the PAX 3 itself. One of the new features is its smartphone app, allowing you to connect easily via Bluetooth to boost, flavor, stealth and efficiency mode.

The efficiency of the PAX 3 is unbelievable, and only requires half the material than its predecessors, PAX 2. The flavour is exceptional, you can smoke easily and on-demand tasting a full cannabinoid profile from the strain or concentrates of your choice. The concentrate chamber is easily detachable and therefore easy to clean with a little alcohol, no elbow grease needed!

This vaporizer is easily the best on the market. Its battery goes a long way and the material, either wax or herb, goes much further. Your smartphone will buzz in only a few minutes to let you know when its ready for your vapor.
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