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Dr Dabber Switch Rig

by Chris Jay
Dr Dabber Switch Rig

Vaporizerhut stays ahead of the pack by offering a wide variety of portable and desktop vaporizers. We now stock the stylish and revolutionary Dr Dabber Switch Rig which serves a dual purpose while delivery the best quality vaping experience around.

This rig uses induction heat technology, providing a variety of benefits to you such as quick startup times, even heat surface, fewer hotspots, and totally leakproof. The Dr Dabber Switch does not have an atomizer and because it is leakproof there little or no oxidation in the vaping process.




“Dr Dabber Switch is a game-changing induction e-rig vaporizer engineered to deliver optimal vapour quality from both oils and herb in seconds. As a dab rig that also works with dry herb, the Switch breaks boundaries to offer a complete high-performance vaping experience. “


Whether you like vaping using huge vape clouds, big or tiny hits, or trying to find the perfect heat setting for to get the best terpene profile in your session, with 25 pre-programmed heat settings you will find your niche. The Switch will only take 60 minutes to fully charge and will deliver at least 150 vape sessions on a full charge.

Cleaning is now a breeze with The Switch Rig, as it features a self-cleaning mode. The intense high heat cleaning mode is intended to burn away any leftover residue in your ceramic induction bowls. It also features a system cool down after each session, this protects the electronics of the rig and extends its lifespan.

This dual purpose rig also gives you the option to either enjoy your favourite flower or concentrate. Included with this product is a detachable white ceramic induction cup for concentrate or oil and a black ceramic induction cup for dry herb. Also included is a glass percolator attachment made from thick borosilicate glass that enables you to further cool the vape for a smoother and richer vaping experience.

Without a doubt, this is one hell of a Dab or Herb rig with many classic features and innovative vaping technology. A combination of induction heating, the available heat settings, airtight enclosure and percolator can ensure that you will have the best vaping session, each and every time and the push of a button.

Buy the Dr Dabber Switch now.