Before Cheech and Chong was even a pipe dream founders Phil and Richard Jergenson already in 1968 had the dream of developing the perfect pipe for their favourite herb. The Proto Pipe has been developed and handcrafted to become one of the worlds most convenient and efficient smoking devices.

proto pipe


A 50-year legacy that has been reborn and reignited through many decades of activism. Stemming from the ground roots cannabis movement in California Phil Jergenson was involved from its beginnings. Vietnam and “Free Love” were the flavour of the day and his dream was to build a pipe to celebrate the legalization of marijuana, which was around the corner!


Fast forward to 1996 and California is the first state in the US to implement a medical marijuana program. They were also one of the first to legalise recreational marijuana so its apt that Proto Pipe is based in California.

proto pipe

“Since I was pondering other design ideas, it was a good time to create a new generation of this classic design. Bess and I decided to launch the pipe with four new design improvements, a round bowl, a roach clip on the top lid, a bottom swivel lid, and knurled collar. Keeping the best qualities of the proto and improving on the old. Skip to present day, the original team is back together in the warehouse on Franklin Ave. With new patents, pipes and team members, Proto Pipe’s legacy is reshaping and becoming a future.” Proto Pipe


It is engineered by hand from quality brass metals. The pipe includes a swivel lid, tar trap, a stash pod which holds five bowls and poker to clean the bowl. The bowl can hold a good amount of herb and is filtered with the permanent screen built into the solid brass bowl. Originally designed in 1968 this pipe has been sold around the world and put smiles and smoking satisfaction on many smokers faces.

proto pipe


It comes in two quality made designs, namely the Proto Classic and Proto Rocket. The difference between the two is just a couple extra bells and whistles, plus a bigger brass bowl for bigger hits!

The Proto Rocket is the newest in a lineup of winners since the well-known designer Phil Jergenson unleashed his first pocket-sized smoking instrument in 1968, the Proto-Pipe. The Proto Rocket has it all. Easy swinging cover for the bowl, Jam-free tar trap, stash for extra smoking material, poker for stirring and cleaning. This is the pipe that is well on its way to becoming the next classic pocket smoking instrument.


Now available in the United Kingdom through an authorised dealer Proto-Pipe. Get yours now!

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